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Date: 5th September 2016
3D Printing SLA Rapid Prototype
3D printing SLA rapid prototypeSLA is the abbreviation of the stereo lithography Apparatus,Website:, with a laser of particular wavelength And intensity focusing on the surface of light curing material, make it form directional solidification from point to line, from line to plane, then lift a layer in the vertical direction, curing another level, once all layers of the part are complete it is baked in a oven to be cured. They can laser the complicate parts. And We also have our own cooperative partner for CNC lathe ,SLA/SLS, 3d printer,Wire EDM, cnc turning and milling and laser machine and others machine service, so we can offer your most of all service for prototype. if you want to make the prototypes, please send us 3d drawing files by email,