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Date: 5th September 2016
Auto Car Parts Vacuum Casting Prototype
Vacuum casting car parts prototypeIndustrial-Man Technology Development Co.,Ltd established in 2001,Website:, located in Songgang, Shenzhen. With 10,000 Square meters industrial zone, whcih is close to airport, adjacent to Dongguan. We owned almost 60 machines like 5-Axis CNC Milling Machine from Germany, 3D Laser Rapid Printer from USA, precise CNC Machines, 3D Testing Quality Machine and other hi-tech quipment. We offer service like Car parts, Medical, Electronics, Communication and so on. Automotive annual output more than 50 million, including front and rear bumpers, center control, dashboard, grills, etc.Using original model(CNC/SLA/SLS Mode)l,make silicone mold under vacuum state, and perfusion with polyurethane, and then copy out the same prototype.?Maximum size: 1000*800*800mm ?Tolerance:100mm/+/-0.20mm?Injected Material: Impoted PU, Transparent PU, Soft PU?PP?8150?PX223?PX100?Mold material: Imported Silicone?Tnsparent Silicone?Special Silicone